How To Clean Aluminium Window Frames

To clean aluminum window frames, you will need window cleaners items which are: non-abrasive washcloths, feather duster, ammonia, and warm water and spray bottles. There are few steps you can follow to ensure your window frames are spotless clean within no time.

Step 1

Using a feather dust or a lightly dampened non-abrasive washcloth remove any dust particles on the window frame. Simply move your dusting tool across the frame in wide, smooth strokes until all the dust has been successfully purged.

Step 2

In the spray bottle, mix a quarter cup of ammonia with a can of lukewarm water, seal the bottle and shake off the cleaning solution.

Step 3

Using the non-abrasive window cleaners washcloth wipe gently any caked rubble or dirt on the window. The amount of wiping and scrubbing depends on the type and size of the dirt on the window frames. Once your window is adequately cleaned, wash off the cleaning solution with the lukewarm water and wipe the frames with the help of a dry non-abrasive washcloth.

Tips when cleaning window frames:

· Ensure when cleaning, you start from top and work your way down the window frame.

· Ensure you clean both inside and outside of the window frames.

. Consider cleaning the window cleaners before storing them.

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